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The Prime Solution
Close the Value Gap, Increase Margins and Win the Complex Sale
Jeff Thull, Best-Selling Author, President and CEO, Prime Resource Group

An Executive’s Guide to World-Class Performance and Profitability

In The Prime Solution, Jeff Thull, President and CEO of Prime Resource Group, lays out an organization-wide approach for creating greater profitability by closing the value gap.

Frustration and tension are stifling the business-to-business sector. Sellers are frustrated because they can’t translate their value-based solutions into bottom line profitability. Buyers are frustrated because they frequently don’t achieve the value they expect from those same solutions. Sellers and buyers stand on opposite sides of the value gap and blame each other. 

The value gap - the high-cost disconnect between value promised and value achieved - opens a significant opportunity for companies to set themselves apart and ensure the successful delivery of promised results.  The Prime Solution explores the root causes of the value gap and clearly explains why sellers are unable to clarify the value they provide, struggle to deliver the value they promise, and pay a high cost in terms of business performance and profitability.

Based on case studies of successful companies worldwide that have used this whole solutions approach to dramatically increase profits, The Prime Solution will help you and your company gain a continual competitive advantage by creating compelling solutions and fully deliver on your value promises.

The Prime Solution leads you through the major components of the value delivery system - creation, marketing, selling, implementation, and measurement of whole solutions - and explains how to execute each stage of the process to deliver maximum value and receive increased margins in return.It describes the holistic organizational mindset and effort - a common language and process that stretches from research and development to marketing to sales to support and service - that is necessary to successfully define, quantify, deliver and measure high-value solutions in today’s complex environment. It shows solution providers how to turn value fulfillment into a core competency.

What you will be able to take away from this book:

How to address the 7 critical questions leadership teams should be asking themselves:

  • To what degree have we been able to identify all of the value our solutions provide to our customers?
  • How well have we been able to connect this value to our customer’s business drivers and performance metrics?
  • How well have we isolated the performance impacts to specific job responsibilities?
  • Are our customers agreeing with the number we have been able to quantify?
  • How well have we identified our customers’ constraints or their ability to capitalize on our value?
  • Have we helped our customers address those constraints and manage the changes they will need to make?
  • To what degree have we measured the value we have delivered, and how do we know if our customers agree with the amount we measured?

Order The Prime Solution and you will receive a powerful leading-edge tool that when used aggressively will give you a significant competitive advantage in your markets.

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Mastering the Complex Sale
How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High
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