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Strategic Value Measurement and Performance

The advancement of complex solutions, fluctuating customer requirements, and competitive forces are putting more pressure on companies to clearly define, quantify and measure the business impact of new and existing high-value solutions. The cycle time from product creation to successful execution with measurable customer results leaves no margin for error.

Simultaneously, existing complex solutions lose traction as customers have difficulty understanding and quantifying the value of various products and services and how they impact their net profit. The result: the downward spiral to commoditization of high-value solutions, and less than profitable sales results.

Defining, Quantifying and Measuring the
Unique Competitive Value of Complex Solutions

Stage 1:

Strategic Value Performance Assessment*: Assess the current value defined and understood by you and your customers

Stage 2:

Value Performance Analysis: Identify uncovered and misunderstood value

Stage 3:

Quantify and Sequence Value Capabilities

Stage 4:

Value Simulation and Customer Validation: Identify high-value opportunities; build diagnostic conversation maps and a value hypothesis to connect to the multiple people and departments your value will impact

Stage 5:

Value Capability, Transformation: Take it to the field with a strong business case and diagnostic conversations that connect your high-value and now quantified solutions to your customers’ net profit, and to the most powerful people your solution can impact

Seven critical questions that must be answered in order to connect value drivers and ensure that your company is able to optimize its return on the high-value solutions it brings to its markets. To what degree have these questions been addressed in your organization? (excerpt from the book Mastering the Complex Sale)

  1. To what degree has your organization been able to identify
  2. all of the value its solution provides to its clients?

  3. Has this value been connected to your customers’ business
  4. drivers and performance metrics?

  5. Have you been able to isolate the performance impacts to specific
  6. job responsibilities?

  7. Have you been able to quantify its value with a number the client agrees with?
  8. Have you been able to identify client constraints or their ability to
  9. capitalize on your value?

  10. Have you provided your client with the ability to address those constraints
  11. and manage the changes they will need to make?

  12. Are you able to measure the value you have delivered, and have your customers
  13. agreed with the amount you measured?

Prime Resource Group helps its clients quantify and measure unique competitive value and execute a value strategy with a comprehensive, end-to-end, Diagnostic Business Development® methodology for complex sales, all supported by highly sophisticated tools, reinforcement programs, and an exceptional team of management consultants.

Prime Resource Group can help translate your market strategy into profitable sales results.

Results: Wayne Hutchinson of Shell Global Solutions

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