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“MCS deconstructs the mindset and decision tree of customers to take you out of the ‘sales’ role and put you firmly in the position of consultant.”
~Manager, Managed Care Strategic Accounts, Genomic Health, Inc.

“Mastering the Complex Sale is street-smart, research-backed and full of real-life practical advice on how to move all the chess pieces in the complex sale game. You’ll walk away with not only the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of the complex sale, but also discover how to build the mental stamina it takes to compete at the top.”
~President and CEO, Protocare Sciences

“Of tremendous value to the novice and expert alike.”
~Associate Director of Network Operations, US Oncology Research, McKesson Specialty Health

“What you’ve done is to combine the best of university-level learning with street-smart selling.”
~CEO, Morgan Chemicals

“I was uncertain whether I could afford the 2 days away from my office. I now know I couldn’t possibly afford not to. Highly valuable, fresh approach. I thoroughly enjoyed it!”
~Manager of Business Development, Bechtel

“The dynamics of change in customers and technology, the complexity of product and service, plus changes in competition required that we implement Diagnostic Selling.”
~Director of Sales, Universal Instruments

“We found a blueprint for a professional sales strategy…a lock on the right way to do business.”
~CEO, AdVantage Corporation

“Diagnostic Selling is the most refreshing and effective method of selling we have been exposed to. Your presentation style accents its real world impact!”
~VP of Sales, Rand McNally

“This program is clearly the graduate school of selling. Moving from selling to business development is what will separate the professionals from the amateurs.”
~Director of Organization Development, Spectrum Healthcare, Div of ARA

“This seminar was immensely valuable. Jeff Thull’s innovative techniques and methodologies provide new and differentiating insights into today’s competitive sales environment.”
~Business Manager, AT&T – Bell Labs

“A must hear presentation for frustrated managers trying to implement change amongst the ranks.”
~Regional Manager, Union Special Corporation

“The small group, open forum approach was refreshing and more productive than any seminar I’ve ever attended.”
~VP Sales, MICO

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Mastering the Complex Sale
How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High
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