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What Jeff Thull’s clients are saying about
The Prime Solution
“The Prime Solution presents an innovative approach to customer value. It is a precise guide for senior management to lead a multi-disciplinary collaboration with your customer to ensure that your organization can deliver on the value commitments made to customers.”
From the foreword by Greg Lewin, President
Shell Global Solutions International BV
“It is hard hitting and clear.  Jeff Thull has crafted a powerful message for all senior executives, backed up with realistic how-to advice.”
David M. Knibbe, Senior Vice President, Sales and Distribution
Herman Miller Inc.
“Jeff Thull builds on his extensive work in complex sales and provides an expanded definition of value – how to create it, how to sell it and how to deliver it!  As a long-time client, these principles have been strong contributors to our success.”
Bern Hapke, General Manager
3M Microbiology
“Jeff Thull delivers a precise focus on creating a singular voice and process for assuring that the customer’s reality is at the forefront of strategy development as well as strategy execution. This is the must read manual for customer intimacy in the complex sale.”
John Bevan, Chief Executive Officer, Process Gas Solutions
The BOC Group
“Finally, an intelligent treatise on sales and marketing that the entire organization will embrace. Just understanding the Value-Gap principles and how to bring this concept to life makes The Prime Solution a must-read for any CEO in the complex B2B marketplace.”
Ramon Avila, PhD.
George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Marketing
Director, H.H. Gregg Center for Professional Selling
Ball State University
“If you sell a complex product, in a crowded competitive environment, to customers with increasing expectations – read The Prime Solution and put its principles to work. We have implemented many of Jeff Thull’s ideas successfully at Motive, where we believe that enabling value outcomes – not just selling software – is the key to success.”
Mike Maples, Chief Marketing Officer
Motive, Inc.
“The concepts of the Prime Solution have enriched my professional and personal life and has helped the organizations I work(ed) for to grow significantly in revenue and profitability. This book examines why companies cannot capture the full value of their solutions – and what they can do about it! A must read.”
Rob Castien, President
Spark Holland BV
“I have been a vociferous reader of business books for 32 years. No other writer has had more of a positive impact on my business than Jeff Thull.”
Ralph S. Heath III, President
Ovation Marketing
“Jeff Thull has cracked the code on uniting the entire organization in a singular approach to ensure that value promised becomes value achieved. Senior management must be the agent of change; the success examples in this book highlight the why and the how very clearly.”
Jacques J. Marcotte, VP General Manager
BTG Americas Inc.
“An essential read for anyone wondering why their “solutions” approach may not be working as planned.  In a global industry that faces daily pressures to treat high value solutions like commodities, we are now breaking free of the crowded field of solution providers by adopting many of the ideas of The Prime Solution – ideas that are focused on creating and delivering value – value that is truly recognized by our customers.”
Michael Heil, Global Marketing Director
BOC Process Gas Solutions
“Like a great physician, Jeff Thull accurately diagnoses the symptoms and causes of the disconnect between value capability and value reality.  His prescription comes with a rich blend of proven examples and a deep, intuitive understanding of the problems faced by many companies who have great value to offer but that cannot overcome all of the hype in the marketplace. As a provider of complex enterprise solutions The Prime Solution gave us an excellent roadmap to step above the clutter and raise the bar for our competition.”
Bruce Kannry, CEO
“Jeff Thull again provides remarkable clarity to a very complex issue – How to set your organization apart in an overcrowded world of complex value promises.  This book will not only become the standard for creating, delivering and capturing value, but will serve as a wake-up call to those who are wondering why our great approaches of the past have de-railed.”
Jeff Bolke, Vice President Worldwide Sales
Motive, Inc.
“This is a masterpiece!  Jeff Thull is a genius presenter of practical yet transformational ideas that can readily help you and your company in really big ways.”
Nido R. Qubein
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company
Founder, National Speakers Association Foundation
The Prime Solution provides a thought provoking roadmap. Its cross-functional process is a breath of fresh air that defines how companies can ensure success in today’s brave new world of business.”
Jeffrey L. Timms
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Americas
Siemens Logistics and Assembly Solutions, EA
The Prime Solution is the perfect extension to Mastering the Complex Sale. Jeff Thull concisely defines and points out how you can bridge the Value Gap. As the complex sales process we all face continues to become more complicated, relying on the roadmap and tools in The Prime Solution will keep you focused on what is value from the customer’s point of view. Managing that side of the equation will leverage your success.”
Jim Kirkpatrick, Vice President – General Products Group
Terumo Medical Corporation
“An insightful yet unsettling view of those "value gaps" we create with our own customers followed by concise strategies on how we can deliver on the "value promises" we make to our customers. Closing these gaps is a must for sustained business growth, especially when you’re involved in a complex sales process.”
Tom Wida, President
Biacore, Inc.
“Jeff Thull elegantly addresses how companies that are feeling burdened by competitive and commoditization pressures can ultimately succeed. Tomorrow's successful companies will be those that fully comprehend the inescapable wisdom of The Prime Solution's message.  Get ready for some profound realizations and a precise path to very stable and profitable business relationships.”
Donny Holender, Vice President - Sales
Universal Computer Systems, Inc.
“Jeff Thull offers a practical and comprehensive process for assuring that all parts of your organization are orchestrated to create and deliver valued solutions from the beginning.  The characteristics of Prime Solutions are particularly insightful, as we constantly strive to develop unique solutions for our customers.”
Michael Jones, President and CEO
“What first appeals is the pragmatic, street-tested advice.  "The Prime Solution" gives you a roadmap and language that every customer-facing professional in your organization can use to identify, quantify and deliver tangible value through business transformation.”
Don Addington, President & CEO
Seagull Software
“The Diagnostic Business Development process has brought us great success.  Our whole existence depends on our ability to sell our value and then deliver it.  The Prime Solution shows you the direction and the specific how-to's.”
Paul Fisher, President, CCC Oil & Gas
Compressor Controls Corporation
“In an era where many complex products and services have become “commoditized,” it has never been more critical to identify and more importantly articulate our value from the customer’s point of view.  Jeff Thull has laid out a very insightful approach that will set you, your solution and its value, far above the competition.”
Nevin J. Starkey, Senior Product Marketing Manager
Diebold, Incorporated

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