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Second Edition – Revised and Updated

Mastering the Complex Sale
How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High
Jeff Thull, Best-Selling Author, President and CEO, Prime Resource Group

Continuing to evolve the breakthrough thinking of his best-selling classic Mastering the Complex Sale, in this new edition Jeff Thull once again pushes the envelope to give professionals - from individuals struggling with their first call, to senior executives trying to figure out why their value strategy is falling short - a comprehensive guide to navigate and win high-stakes sales.

Based on continuing research and loaded with examples, Mastering the Complex Sale provides detailed models, tools and a comprehensive road map for unleashing the potential buried in your company’s value capabilities and the products and services you sell, service and protect.

This thought-provoking, best-selling book will shake up the way you think about what you do and how you do it. You will see how movers and shakers in entrepreneurial start-up companies to those in major global corporations are changing how they do business. You will understand why the information contained in this book is critical to their survival and profitability in this highly competitive and constantly evolving global market.

7 of the many pressing issues Jeff Thull will examine in this book:

  • Are your customers treating your high-value solutions as commodities?
  • Is self-commoditization part of your company’s DNA?
  • Is the value you are capable of delivering stripped out as it transfers from R&D to    Marketing to Sales to Support and Engineering, and falling short of your    customer’s range of comprehension?
  • Are you caving in under price pressure and giving up margins and profitability?
  • How many times are your sales opportunities ending in “No decision”?
  • Are you misunderstood? Frustrated? Do your customers believe your claims?
  • Why don’t your customers “get it” and why is there a failure to communicate?

Order Mastering the Complex Sale. Set yourself apart - become a valued resource - with the systems, skills and disciplines for winning high-stakes sales in a complex and demanding market.

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Mastering the Complex Sale
How to Compete and Win When the Stakes are High
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