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Leadership and the World-Class Organization

With a strong focus on profitability and connecting high-value solutions to their customers’ businesses and their net profit, in this high-content and entertaining session, Jeff Thull shows leaders how to sharpen their ability to tackle critical issues and make impressive gains in their business performance and bottom-line results. Executives and leadership teams across the globe have gained valuable insight from Jeff Thull’s keynotes and workshops, and fine-tuned their thinking around gaining cross-functional alignment in order to execute their value-driven strategy.

The Customer-Centric Organization

Critical interactions across functions, and with high-value customers, take place at all levels within an organization. At any moment, any individual can have an opportunity to make a major impact on business effectiveness and gain the customers’ respect, confidence and loyalty. In this thought-provoking and highly-entertaining session, audiences will learn how to raise the bar of excellence and be viewed by their customers as a source of business value.

Creating and Capitalizing on Strategic and High-Value Solutions

Jeff Thull challenges assumptions that business solutions are clearly defined, quantified, understood and able to be measured by your customers “if” they invest in your products, services or high-value solutions. His position is, “There is no value until your customers can measure its impact on their net profit.” In order to quantify value and measure its impact at all functional and operational levels in the customer’s business, it is imperative that companies and institutions have value clarity and alignment of resources across their organization, from product development and on to marketing, sales, service, and finally, measurable value impact on their customers’ net profit. Jeff Thull drives home the message in a concise and actionable format through his very entertaining and thought-provoking approach to simplifying complex solutions in a complex and continually transitioning marketplace.

Diagnostic Selling® and Diagnostic Business Development®

Jeff Thull’s Diagnostic Selling/Diagnostic Business Development programs develop the mindset and communication skills required to manage quality business decisions. His effective, entertaining and thought-provoking keynotes and workshops give individuals and their leadership teams the confidence and ability to develop strong customer relationships built on trust and credibility. The program focuses on specific diagnostic principles and models that connect to all levels of decision and influence within the customer’s organization. This keynote pushes Beyond Selling to Business Development® in an entertaining and content-rich format.

Mastering the Complex Sale®

Mastering the Complex Sale delivers the skills and knowledge required to build organization-to-organization relationships in high-value customer situations. This program focuses on the mindset and communication skills required to manage quality business decisions with a very thorough diagnostic communication process. This program brings clarity to key business issues at the functional and corporate level, while keenly focusing on quantifying the cost of business problems and the cost of change. Audiences enjoy Jeff Thull’s unique and entertaining approach with solid answers for winning high-stakes sales.

Strategic Account Management

Orchestrating an efficient and effective system to manage complex, strategic sales gives sales and management professionals the best opportunity to capitalize on the most lucrative opportunities in their markets. Jeff Thull’s keynotes and workshops organize teams around national and global strategic accounts in a very effective and thought-provoking way and produce high-value customers and high-profit results on both sides of the table. This session provides a systematic Diagnostic Business Development approach that becomes a framework for planning and prioritizing actions that lead to clear business decisions. It gives individuals and their teams a precise strategy and an execution process to manage a complex network of individuals and entities that are impacted by high-value solutions. Jeff Thull organizes complex situations into a very tight methodology that clearly sets companies apart from any competition, and it’s all delivered with solid content in a very entertaining and thought-provoking way.

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