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What Jeff Thull’s clients are saying about Exceptional Selling

“I am a Jeff Thull fan … Jeff’s book has something profound to teach each of us – starting with me!”
                                        Tom Peters
                                        Author of Re-Imagine!: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

“Jeff Thull’s leading edge thinking makes this book revolutionary, yet it is a straightforward guide to communicating across all cultures with credibility and respect. It will give you a significan,t competitive advantage in a complex and crowded global marketplace.”
                                        Guenter Lauber, Vice President,
                                        Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc. EA Systems

Exceptional Selling may be one of the most important books written on sales and marketing communications for high stakes sales. It shows you how to stand apart from your competition, communicate with great clarity and position your solution as the most compelling choice for the long term.”
                                        Rob Mancusco, Senior Vice President
                                        Investors Financial

“Jeff Thull has taken consultative and collaborative sales to new heights. The knowledge contained in this book is priceless. The trust and respect that is created by the diagnostic process is a must have for success here in Asia and around the globe. It has enabled us to stand apart from our competitors early and achieve long lasting success.”
                                        (CS) Tay Chong Siew, Major Customer Director, North Asia
                                        BOC Gases

“Having achieved exceptional success by working with Jeff Thull and implementing the strategy and process of Jeff’s first two books, I’m astounded that his leading edge thinking is captured in yet more detail in another brilliant book. The conversation examples ofJeff’s powerful diagnostic approach will bring even greater success to our organization.Truly exceptional!”
                                        Alberto Chacin, Director - On Demand Services LA
                                        Oracle USA

Exceptional Selling is a dramatic departure from the vast majority of sales books. It scares me to see all the ways in which we can self-sabotage our sales opportunities – but that’s only chapter 1.  Throughout the book, Jeff describes compelling examples of how to succeed in a cluttered marketplace.”
                                        Steven Rodriguez, Senior Vice President
                                        Ceridian Corporation

“Jeff Thull has again extended his concepts and thinking developed in The Prime Solution and Mastering the Complex Sale. This is an essential read for anyone working to understand his customers in a global and complex world. The book also confirms these concepts work in any business or sales channel.”
                                        Wayne Hutchinson, VP Sales, Marketing and Consulting
                                        Shell Global Solutions B.V.

“As a CEO, I highly recommend this book as a guide on executive and financial level conversations.  Jeff shows you how to gain access and establish relevancy and credibility with people that hold the power and make the decisions.  It’s without a doubt the best way to step out of the crowd and connect with executives.”
                                        Chris Capdevilla, CEO

“If you want to be an exceptional communicator, you must read Jeff Thull’s books. Exceptional Selling is a complete no nonsense approach to sales – how to get in, how to connect and how to win!  It conveys a vital message: Open, honest and straight-forward communication is the shortest path to long-term success.”
                                        Frank Toffoloni, U.S. Director of Sales
                                        Diagnostica Stago Inc.

“Jeff has been sharpening the skills of my sales organizations over the past 20 years. His latest book Exceptional Selling keeps him out front with sensible techniques that work. Top sales producers will quickly recognize how to improve their results; Rookies will find the finest roadmap to success in the selling profession.”
                                        Peter Muldowney, Chairman Specialty Materials Division
                                        Morgan Crucible Co. PLC – Retired

“Exceptional Selling is a comprehensive and powerful framework for building strong relationships based on integrity and trust. Just as he has done for our financial advisors, Jeff Thull shows you how to communicate with confidence and create exceptional value for both you and your customers.”
                                        Richard G. Averitt III, Chairman and CEO
                                        Raymond James Financial Services

Get your Post-its® ready!  From the very first chapter, I found myself tagging pages so I could present and put into practice the dozens of actionable takeaways.  I highly recommend this book for any consultative sales team looking to make their product stand apart from the competition.”
                                        Gary Robbins, Partner/Vice President
                                        Frost & Sullivan

“Exceptional Selling is the masterful continuation of Mastering the Complex Sale and The Prime Solution.  At a time when we’re all searching for new ways to leverage our strengths, Jeff’s ‘taking it to the street’ wisdom redefines communication strategies and sets a new benchmark for competitive differentiation.  This book will dramatically shift your thinking and show you precisely how to achieve lucrative sales results.”
                                        Nat Geissel, President
                                        DMS Health Technologies

Jeff Thull has assembled a real street level guide that uncovers how true value is recognized, assembled, and realized. If you are a sales manager, and your team is not having the kind of conversations outlined in this book, your sales opportunities will most likely be lost to someone who is...”
                                        Brooks Hoff, Western Regional Sales Manager
                                        Fluke Corporation

Jeff brings clarity to the sales process through his discovery and diagnostic method that promises higher close rates and helps you convey, in cooperation with your clients, relevance and credibility to solving their problems.  We're all looking for that differentiation factor and Jeff shows you the way to gain new levels of respect and credibility from your clients that you may not have experienced in the past.”
                                        Guy R. Manuel, President
                                        Transcontinental Printing, Marketing Products & Services

Jeff Thull has done it again with Exceptional Selling – he truly provides a fresh and innovative perspective to the art of sales. By using logical and practical conversation examples throughout the book, Thull identifies and conquers common sales traps and defines successful keys to breaking down communication barriers. Geared towards the individual sales professional, Exceptional Selling is a powerful, applicable tool in the complex word of sales, and is a must-have in the library of any sales executive.”
                                        Kerry Gilger, President and CEO
                                        FYI Corporation

“Exceptional Selling is a tremendous learning tool for sales professionals.  Jeff's done a great job expanding on the diagnostic selling concepts from his previous books by emphasizing the amplified role required of a sales person to quarterback a complex sale -- both externally and internally.”
                                        Chris Ostrander, General Manager
                                        Eaton Corporation

It's finally here - a word for word, step by step guide from Jeff Thull for those of us in the sales trenches each and every day.  I have worked with Jeff and Prime Resource Group for over 10 years and have literally begged Jeff to put all of his best strategies in a single resource.  Exceptional Selling is that resource.  Jeff's past two books were wonderful, especially from a macro senior management perspective, but this book contains the ‘keys to the kingdom’ that the true ‘prime resource’ in any sales profession is looking for.  I look forward to using this as a tool to help our team take results to a new level.”
                                        David B. Patchen, Regional Vice President
                                        Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

“Exceptional Selling clearly articulates the skills and habits that hold back many sales professionals from maximizing their potential impact.  Jeff provides tangible and specific techniques that you can start to implement immediately that will truly differentiate yourself in the eyes of your customer. Additionally, the Exceptional Selling message translates well into the sphere of marketing communications and provides a significant counter tactic to the intense ‘commoditization’ being experienced in our crowded market space.”
                                        Bruce S. Moloznik, Vice President of Global Marketing
                                        Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials

The Diagnostic Selling methods in Exceptional Selling represent a step change from consultative sales in working collaboratively with clients to jointly understand and address the needs for complex business performance solutions.  They give commercial staff the skills, discipline and confidence to effectively engage at senior executive levels in client organizations to create and capture increased business value.”
                                        Ian Galliard, Global Manager, Sales Development
                                        Shell Global Solutions International BV

While reading Jeff Thull's Exceptional Selling, I was struck with the thought that this book not only teaches an exceptional sales process but shows how a healthy mindset provides the foundation for effective communication for solving any complex problem.  If you have watched helplessly as disapproving purchasing agents, onerous requests for proposal, and uncommunicative customers continually commoditize your business, Jeff’s exceptional book will give you a solid path to building a healthy mindset for effective communication and a powerful “non-sales” sales process for creating true value, both for you and your customers.”
                                        John Hines, Ph.D., Business Manager
                                        Georgia-Pacific Resins, Inc.

To serve the global financial community with enterprise software solutions requires exceptional credibility and precise communication skills. Exceptional Selling is a great guide on how to do exactly that. Read it, follow it and enjoy your success!”
                                        Pierre Gatignol, President & CEO
                                        GL Trade

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