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Are you experiencing any of these complex sale issues?
Our high-value solutions are being commoditized.
  • A significant amount of value in proposed solutions is not quantified with customers.
  • Value not quantified cannot be connected to the customer's performance metrics.
  • Value not connected is not believed, leaving three possible outcomes:
    • The customer buys your solution with a deep discount
    • The customer buys a lower cost, lower value competitive solution
    • The opportunity ends in no decision – the customer does nothing

We are having trouble connecting at the levels of power and influence.
  • The financial impact of valuable products and services can create a ripple effect throughout your customer’s business.
  • As value is created throughout the network, the financial impact story multiplies and becomes a significant factor for sales professionals having the ability to conduct relevant, business level conversations with executives.
  • No strong business level conversation? No relevancy? The salesperson is relegated back to mid-level management.
    • Yes/No decisions made based on mid-level job responsibility
    • If there is a sale, it will likely follow severe price negotiation
    • Value is leaking; if the customer invests, it will likely be after valuable components of the solution are stripped out in order to satisfy cost negotiations
Customers don’t know how to measure our value, we don’t know if we’ve measured it accurately, and we have difficulty connecting it to our customers' businesses.
  • On their own, customers have difficulty understanding how to evaluate their problems as they relate to the problems you could solve.
  • Customers do not know what it is costing them if they do not change their current situation by investing in your high-value solutions.
  • Customers are resistant to change and the risks associated with change.
    • Over 75% of high-value solutions proposed are never purchased and those that are purchased are subject to heavy pricing pressure
    • Executives become frustrated with long sales cycles, unreliable forecasts and increasing cost of sales
    • Margins decrease, profitability falls short

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