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Our market strategy and value proposition is diluted as it transfers from corporate management to marketing and product development, to field sales and service, on through to our customers and best prospects.
Providing a common diagnostic language and approach across multiple disciplines creates a singular focus on the customer with powerful competitive and strategic advantages. This positions the sales force as an essential element of corporate strategy.

Value-add is not captured at point of sale. The customer does not recognize the true financial impact of the absence of our unique solution on their individual and corporate responsibilities.
The complex sale professional is responsible for creating value beyond customer expectations. The customer must be led through a diagnostic process that allows them to define their challenges and opportunities, and specifically determine the financial impact of the absence of your solution, which is your value-add. The customer cannot, and will not, do this accurately on their own.

Decreasing margins! Increasing cost of sales! Why is it taking so long to close the complex sale? Our sales cycle time keeps increasing, our closing percentages are dropping, and we're experiencing intense financial pressure at the 11th hour.
Your sales team must communicate with all levels in the customer organization that are impacted by, or are responsible for, the results your solution brings. Capture the shifting sources of power and decision. When the complete cast of characters in the complex sale understands the cost of their problem, and the cost of indecision, the sales cycle time will decrease and your margins will increase.

Customer retention rates decrease and all we hear is "your competitor can do the same thing for less."
By differentiating products and services correctly up front, and by documenting and reinforcing the compelling value received from your solution and support, customers will not "jump ship" at the first sight of competitive price reductions.

ROI on sales training dollars for the complex sale is tough to measure, so how can I make a smart investment and get the return I need?
The most effective measurement of success in the complex sale comes through determining targeted behaviors that will lead to required business results. Directing sales training, measurement and reinforcement to those specific behaviors will provide accountability and profitable performance.

Why are our customers commoditizing our solutions when in fact we offer unique, high-quality products and services?
Helping the customer to develop a "quality decision process" will allow them to gain a better understanding of their problem or opportunity and your solutions. Without a quality decision process, their inability to comprehend the uniqueness of your solution will drive the decision down to the lowest common denominator...price.

All too often the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and the result is, at best, a frustrated customer and, at worst, a lost sale.
Empower all your people with big-picture thinking and leverage capabilities to the greatest competitive advantage. The end result is eliminating surprises and disappointment for you and your customer, and building a relationship the customer can trust.

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